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Alpha Witch is a Romance/Erotic Publishing company.

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Bringing you the Alphas of your dreams.

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Sexy stories about women who know what they want and the men who want to give it to them.

Romance Sci Fi

Sci Fi with hot nasty love!


Pushing the boundaries of fiction.

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Sexy and Good....

...I’ve been pretending for too long. Now I don’t have a choice but to make good on my promises. Things are about to get rough at the RedMorder, my Blood Den in Las Vegas. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it together. But I’m not going to lie down and be beat.....

....I never wanted this. Never chose this. And then he came along. I'm not the damsel in distress type, but I can't help but trust a male with so much calm. His eyes are the stillest pond in the dark of night. His body is the haven I've craved since I can remember. ...

...She's the reason I'm still alive. Anyone else would have reached for the fade long ago. I've survived all this time through determination, and plain old cantankerous grit. They won't break me. But she could. She's like the blood in my veins. ....

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