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Have a story you'd like to submit?

We're looking for romance novels with spice and life. Is your story passionate, romantic and steamy? Are you telling stories that are original and well crafted? Could the characters in your story form a rainbow coalition? We'd love to hear from you!! We are currently accepting romance submissions in the following sub-genres:

  • Paranormal
  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Time Travel
  • Fantasy
  • Suspense
  • Erotic
  • Historical

We publish Romance and Erotic Romance only. To be considered for publication with us your story must have a plot line with a primary focus on love, falling in love, and a romance between two people. Your story must have an emotionally satisfying ending that is HEA or HFN. Please do not include scenes that glorify or support un-justified violence, rape, or any act that would be considered heinous,illegal or taboo. We are looking for romances about people from all walks of life, between people from all walks of life, cultures, social economic statuses, and skin tones. We wan't diversity. Inter-Racial , Multi Curltural romances celebrated. Sexy is our thing, and we prefer stories that include love scenes that are passionate, and well placed in the plot line. We're not looking for gratuitous, but the characters should burn up the sheets on occassion.

Please note, we award monitary advances only on rare occasions. If selected, your non-monitary advance will include, editing, social media advertising, cover design, ebook formatting, and distribution to major ebook outlets. We publish mainly ebooks, but for top sellers will consider a print version at our discretion. We pay royalties at 70%. That is... of generated sales income we keep 30% up to the monetized amount (detailed in the publishing contract) for any advance provided, and thereafter we keep 10%. The rest is paid to the author. We are a publishing company that loves all things romance. For us it's about the quality read, not the money.

To submit your fully edited, polished, and shined, manuscript for our consideration, please fill in the form below and select submit! Please provide, your name, an email that we can reach you at, your Pen Name, a short synopsys or query letter , the first two to three chapters of your manuscript (yes please paste them into the form) and attach the full manuscript. Please note, we recieve many submissions, so turn around time might be more than a month. We consider all submissions carefully, and will notify you if we are interested in working with you.